Thursday, August 22, 2013

All the world's a sunny day

This post marks the fourth and final set of photos you have been seeing over the past few weeks from my trip out to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. This set is comprised of the color shots I took while we were in Yellowstone. Except for that one of the bird. The bird was hanging out at the R.V. park we slept at in Idaho the night that Yellowstone was full. As for things you might be seeing show up in the future, I just got a roll back from MFNW, and will have some shots from the backpacking trip I just got back from up on Mt. Hood. Maybe some other stuff, who knows? Until then, enjoy these views of Yellowstone.

Camera: Pentax K1000, Canon FT
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Listening to: Paul Simon - Kodachrome

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