Thursday, May 28, 2009

Black Bars

So I'm guessing something happened when I was winding my film, because when I got my last roll back damn near all the photos were getting cropped by those black marks on the image. Oh well, still got some ok looking stuff even with the black marks. Maybe I'll just crop them and tell everybody I was shooting medium format. Medium format has squarer prints right?

Listening to: Discider - The City She Burns

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I got a new lens!

Every so often since I bought my camera back in August, I try to find out more about it, and find accessories and stuff to make it more fun to play with. I got recommended this shop called Hollywood Camera as one that might have lenses that would fit my body. I went in on Friday to be amazed by all of the rad old camera stuff they had there. After talking with the old man working for a little bit I ended walking out with a 200mm Canon lens. So far the lens has been rad, I spent most of yesterday walking around taking photos and getting used to my new perspective of the world. These are some of the first few pictures taken with that new lens. Enjoy.

Listening to: Ethan Miller - Clearcut

Monday, May 18, 2009

Three on the ground, one on the fence

This little guy was lying on the side of Burnside for a couple of days before I got around to skating over and taking some pictures. I'm really surprised he was still in such good condition. Figure a cat or some bugs would've torn him up a little bit more. Can't keep it all about dead birds though so I threw in that little guy that was hanging out with me for a while down at burnside. He got even closer than he was in the photo, but when I tried to get another picture he flew away.

Listening to: Kakistocracy - Claustrophobia

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Revenge of the nerds

If you've looked through all of my photos you may remember a post from back in January entitled "Gnar Wars". That came about when my roommate Cody and I set up some of his Star Wars toys in the backyard and I took pictures of them, for what we thought we were gonna turn into a comic book. That might still happen, but we'll see. Sometimes we can get sidetracked pretty easily with other projects. Cody has recently taken on the task of creating a Star Wars themed blog where he's got all of his cool Star Wars stuff posted up, and has little write ups about the different items. Check it out if you've got a minute.

Listening to: Minor Threat - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hit the highway like a battering ram

Last weekend was a wild one. I went out on Sunday and didn't get home until sometime on Tuesday. Most of that time was spent drinking with friends. For how much I was drinking I'm surprised I had any shots turn out. Especially that one night shot outside of Satyricon. Frankly I don't even remember taking it.

On a side note, I found out that I may be getting a scanner in June for my birthday which would mean I be able to scan my negatives here at home instead of getting a photo cd from the store, which always gives me shitty little lines on my photos. I don't think you can really see the lines on a regluar screen, but I've got an HD screen so I see every little error and it bugs me. Hopefully that'll work out and I can post stuff more often.

Listening to: Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Throwin bows

Today has been one of those days where it's hard to get in a good mood. Try to get stoked, but every time something is getting better, something more annoying pops up. Oh well, eventually today will be over and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Can't be bummed about a sunny day. Here's some rainbows and flowers. They're happy stuff. Be happy.

Listening to: Tom Waits - Day After Tomorrow