Thursday, August 20, 2009

Go shorty, it's your birthday.

The photos are from two of my friend's kid's first birthday that went down last week. It was on one of those randomly not hot as balls days, so it was pretty nice. I shot a full 36 exposure roll that day, and came out with a lot of cool shots. On a side note, Portland has an indoor, 3-D, black light, pirate themed, mini golf course that my friend Katie and I went to yesterday. I highly suggest that you check it out because it was FUCKING AWESOME.

Listening to: The Observers - Slipping Away

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hit or miss

Last Monday Tim, Thrustie, and some other bands played a show at Blaine's house. This is one of the other bands. They played a super long set, and had like 10 different instruments they switched between. It was kind of cool. Most of the photos on the roll didn't turn out that well since it was dark and I was pretty drunk. But sometimes shooting into the dark works out.

Listening to: Against Me! - Impact