Friday, December 26, 2008

I bought this bike for three dollars.

I don't ride fixed gears very often. I've got bad knees and it makes them hurt. But I've got one because I like bikes. They're fun. Plus it helps to have a back up whip in case something breaks. I know a guy named Brent. He takes really good photos, and has been recently working on a book about fixies. Check out his photos here: and you'll see what inspired me to take pictures of my bike. Anyways, one day when my main whip was broken, and I had to get to work, I took out my fixie. I was waiting at the transit center, and the sun was starting to set, providing some rad light, and making my bike not look like the total piece of shit it is.

Listening to: Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nothing happened

A little earlier this month Cody got laid off. With the weather still being pretty nice it gave us the opportunity to get out and do stuff during the day. On one particular day we went up to Powell butte and walked around for a while. I shot a roll of color and a roll of black and white. I don't know what happened to that color roll. I'm guessing it got stolen by the ghost at our house. So far the ghost has stolen my jacket, this film, a leathermen, and a couple little green baggies. Hopefully we'll get our stuff back sometime. Who knows. That Casper always seemed like a little fucker to me, and I don't have a Whoopie Goldberg around to talk to the Swayze ghost, so I suppose I'm out of luck. Anyways, these are pictures of stuff. And I'll probably put up more tomorrow when I'm bored.

Listening to: Shank - Lines on a Map

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If you don't like skateboards we're gonna have a tough time being friends.

It's been snowing like a motherfucker for the past couple of days. It's been a real pain in the ass. Yesterday wasn't too bad though, and Richie, Cody, Kristin and myself walked over to where we normally skate and tried to go sledding. It turns out that the spot works better for skating. These are from about a month ago. The snow yesterday was high enough that you couldn't even see the ledge Cody is nosesliding.

Listening to: Overstate - Care and Stay

Monday, December 15, 2008


Tim's boss gave him a motorcycle. So far it doesn't work, and it's just been sitting in the backyard. It looks pretty sweet though, not as cool as an old junker truck would look, but Cody and Tim weren't really into that idea. Hopefully it'll get fixed and we can jump it or something.

Listening to: Surrounded By Assholes - The Gun

Friday, December 12, 2008

My next step is vacuuming

I was in the middle of cleaning my room and found this on the floor, and remembered I wanted to scan it. I have a lot of pictures of the cats in my neighborhood because they like to hang out in our yard. This one got named "Bandit". Back to cleaning now.

Listening to: Agnostic Front - Riot, Riot, Upstart

Monday, December 8, 2008


The other day I was riding my bike to work and at some point around 50th my pedal broke. I rode the rest of the way to work, and ended up just taking a cab home and leaving my bike down by the club overnight. The next morning when I went to go pick it up I wanted to finish up the roll that was in my camera so I could get it developed. When I got down to my bike, the light was looking pretty cool. So I walked around and finished off the roll. These are those.

Listening to: Clay Wheels - A Day in the Life

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ghost in the machine

Back from the coast. I was in the negative the whole time I was at the casino, from the first dollar I put in. The next morning the three of us took the rest of the drive to the coast where we stopped by the skatepark for a short session, and then headed to the beach. The weather wasn't the best but it was fun anyways. There were some wicked scan lines on some of the pictures, but that shouldn't be a problem anymore since I got my roommates scanner working and now I should be able to scan my prints at home.

Listening to: Limp Wrist - Does Your Daddy Know?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spirit Quests

I was once told that "punk means letting go of the word no". Time to put that into action. Going to the coast with friends. Lets see how the story pans out.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well how about this

I remembered that I made this blog a while back and now I've been doing things that I think would be able to use as content on a more regular basis. Since I originally made the blog back in spring I've gotten a new computer, a PC to replace my old powerbook that took a shit, as well as a "new" camera. The camera is an old Canon Pellix that I picked up from the Value Village on 82nd by my old house. At the moment that camera is the motivation to get this blog going. I want a space to show some of my photos and I thought this would be a good medium. At least for now. So for now I'll try to keep this updated with photos until I find something else to put here, or I get bored of this all together. So to start this off, here are some pictures from a protest against the selling of fur downtown yesterday. Enjoy.

Listening to: Husker Du - "I Apologize"