Sunday, October 30, 2011

Electric eye

I got off work this morning at about 7am, after getting to work yesterday at 6:30pm. I have to be back in about two hours. I'm tired, but I thought I'd be a lot worse for wear that this point. I recently got some old rolls of film developed, and to share them with some old friends I was uploading them to my photobucket, where I noticed these old photos. I believe these are from '05 or '06, shot with some shitty little digital pocket cam. I always liked the way that they turned out, hopefully you like them too.

Listening to: Tom Waits - Chicago

Friday, October 21, 2011

Raiders of the lost archives

I spent enough time on the computer today that I figured I should have something to show for it. I went through my hard drive and found these photos that never made it on the blog. I like em, if you look back you should be able to figure out what posts they could be associated with. I didn't really fact check if they've already been posted or not. Though I'm fairly sure that they haven't. If it turns out that they have, and you tell me, you win a prize. Maybe. I think most of you that are reading this are either from my facebook, or Slap. So, hi friends that I probably know in real life and, the Slap Pals and, Shawn. Who is both. Shawn, you look at this right?

Listening to: Philosophy Talk - Cooperation and Conflict 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Portland

Today was the first day of the Occupy Portland movement/demonstrations. You can really tell people are pissed off when they're smiling, and throwing peace signs. I have even heard rumors of people hugging cops. I would've loved to get a photo of that. Quite a difference from the anti-war, and anti-inaugural protests of the early 00's when the police seemed more like stormtroopers, than the polite escorts they were today. Especially since I don't believe there was a permit attained for the march. So that was cool. Also recently my buddy Ripped Laces recently linked up my blog on his site. So, I figured I should return the favor. There's great in depth reviews of all different kinds of skate shoes on there. Check it out.

Listening to: Descendents - Kabuki Girl

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Over the river and through the woods

So out past Estacata, up in Mt. Hood National Forest, are some pretty sweet waterfalls. Dive out to this one pull off spot along the river, pack up you shit, walk across the river, find the trail that goes to the pipeline, follow the pipline up into the woods. Watch out if you have a fear of heights, those trees you have to walk across are above a 50, or 60 foot drop, and they get a little wobbly. The view is definitely worth it. Unfortunately that day we were with dogs, and one of the dogs wouldn't cross the logs, can't wait to go back and get deeper into the woods. There's more tunnels, more tails, and probably more awesome shit.

Listening to: Clutchy Hopkins - 3:02