Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Portland

Today was the first day of the Occupy Portland movement/demonstrations. You can really tell people are pissed off when they're smiling, and throwing peace signs. I have even heard rumors of people hugging cops. I would've loved to get a photo of that. Quite a difference from the anti-war, and anti-inaugural protests of the early 00's when the police seemed more like stormtroopers, than the polite escorts they were today. Especially since I don't believe there was a permit attained for the march. So that was cool. Also recently my buddy Ripped Laces recently linked up my blog on his site. So, I figured I should return the favor. There's great in depth reviews of all different kinds of skate shoes on there. Check it out.

Listening to: Descendents - Kabuki Girl

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