Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spirit Quests

I was once told that "punk means letting go of the word no". Time to put that into action. Going to the coast with friends. Lets see how the story pans out.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well how about this

I remembered that I made this blog a while back and now I've been doing things that I think would be able to use as content on a more regular basis. Since I originally made the blog back in spring I've gotten a new computer, a PC to replace my old powerbook that took a shit, as well as a "new" camera. The camera is an old Canon Pellix that I picked up from the Value Village on 82nd by my old house. At the moment that camera is the motivation to get this blog going. I want a space to show some of my photos and I thought this would be a good medium. At least for now. So for now I'll try to keep this updated with photos until I find something else to put here, or I get bored of this all together. So to start this off, here are some pictures from a protest against the selling of fur downtown yesterday. Enjoy.

Listening to: Husker Du - "I Apologize"