Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"broken glass, needles, shit"

I haven't done a post in a little while so I went through and found these few that never made it up. These three photos were on the same roll of photos that I used the last time it snowed here. So that should give you a little reference to when these are from. You'll also notice the bank that made it into some color photos last year. Also if you take a look at that handy little banner at the top of the page you should see something familiar as well. Anyways I just really like these pictures because they show how gritty the spot is. It's very frequent that you'll go down there and there will be all sorts of broken glass, needles, shit, shopping carts, and what not that you have to clean up before you can skate. But once you get that shit cleaned up it's a completely bust free spot. One of my favorites in town. That's all for today. Have a happy new year.

Listening to: Black Market Fetus - Take Aim