Thursday, March 26, 2009

Drink Water!

Last week I had the privilage to visit Boston, and see an old friend that I hadn't seen since 2002. Boston proved to be a really cool town. I really liked all of the old brick buildings, and all the little bits of history lying around. Like seeing where the Boston Tea Party happened, or Paul Revere's house. I kind of wish I would've taken more pictures while I was there, but oh well. I was too busy having a really, really fun time. I also think I'm starting to get the hang of shooting movement better, so maybe some more skating pictures or stuff like that will start showing up here. But who knows, maybe I'll keep sticking with stuff that doesn't move. For now, here are these. Enjoy.

Listening to: Gaslight Anthem - We Came To Dance

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sam is a blurry dude

These pictures were from a show at my friend Blaine's house that I played like a week ago. It was a really fun show. A ton of kids were skating at the school across the street, and the show itself was so wild I ended up breaking my bass. Basically the day ruled and was punk as fuck, and I'm glad I got some pictures from it.

Listening to: Boltthrower - Behind Enemy Lines

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sky logs

Finally, I can bring a little color back to the blog with the roll I just got developed yesterday. If you remember from a few posts ago I was psyched on how I got pictures posted the same day I took them. Well I did that by walking to drop off film and finishing up the roll on the way. These pictures were from the walk back up to my house after dropping off that roll and getting some new film. Also, how cool is it that the tree grew around the telephone wire, and now there is just a log hanging on the wire?

Listening to: The Meatmen - I Found Your Cat